Tuesday, January 6, 2009

True Meaning of Christmas

This year a group of us decided to buy for an Angel from the Angel Tree rather than exchanging gifts with each other. When I went to select an Angel, I found a little brother and sister that had asked to be kept together. Michelle is 5 and her brother Adan is 8. With the help of our wonderful friends, this little boy and girl had a great Christmas. Both Michelle and Adan would wake up to 6 toys each, new coats, shoes, socks, and undies. 4 pair of pants and 8 shirts each, and adorable stockings full of fun surprises. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of great friends:
Jason & Austin Livingston & Family
Sam & Shelly Nazzise & Family
Pete & Jen Shelton & Family
Ira & Devon Sorensen & Family
Mike & Wendy Underhill & Family
Steve & Mendi Woodruff & Family
Thank you all for helping us share the true spirit of Christmas!

Christmas 2008

Colton came over late Christmas Eve night, so we were rushing the kids off to bed so they wouldn't miss Santa. Colton was so cute with Hadleigh this year. He helped her arrange the cookies she had decorated on a plate for Santa. He helped her count out enough carrots to leave for each one of the reindeer, with a few extra for Rudolph because he would have to work extra hard to help Santa find his way in all of the snow. After setting that aside, they checked online to see where Santa was. They both hurried up to bed when they saw he was getting close. Colt reminded me shortly after they had brushed teeth and were in bed that we had forgot to leave out the Hot Coco. We tried to get Hadleigh to come back downstairs to help, but she refused. She wasn't getting out of bed! She yelled at Colton "You're going to make him skip our house...get in bed!" Of course there were tears too, wouldn't be Hadleigh if there wasn't drama!
Still yawning...but very excited!
Colton set his alarm to be up by 7:30. He had to wait a few minutes for us to get Hadleigh out of bed. She wasn't thrilled at first, but the excitement kicked in before too long. They walked downstairs together to check out what Santa had left for them. Colton helped Hadleigh find her stocking and they both were excited to see Santa hadn't forgotten Tinkers, Tugs, and Duke. We had a fabulous Christmas this year!

Colton opening his snowboarding coat and gloves. He got a new board, boots, bindings, and gear this year. He was thrilled to try it out

The beginnings of our Rock Band. I got a Fender Strat for Christmas too....now all we need are lessons

The Computer Cool School is Hadleigh's favorite gift this year. She plays on it for hours at a time. She sneaks onto the computer chair as soon as we stand up, claiming her turn. I love to see her excited about learning!

Cute expression! Couldn't believe it was really the Cinderella figurines she wanted

Ashtin had asked Santa to leave a puppy under the tree for Colton and Lori this Christmas. They named her Bella. I love this pic of her and Colton. He loves her so much and takes great care of her. He even asks to puppy sit while he's at our house.
Colton and Lori with Bella. Lori brought Bella with her to have Christmas at our house this year. Colton enjoyed having us all together Christmas morning.
Ooh so tiny!
Hadleigh and Bella

Very focused playing MarioKart on the Wii Santa brought the family this year. Hadleigh had also asked Santa for a 4 Wheeler last minute. Christmas morning she asked where it was. (Still young enough that she believes if you ask Santa for it he will bring it). I explained that a 4-wheeler takes too long for Santa to build and she didn't give him enough notice. She looked up at me and said "Mom, the Wii would take much longer to build. It has computer parts. 4 Wheelers just have engines and tires!" After a brief giggle, I continued to tell her that so many little boys and girls asked for Wii's this year, that Santa had made a lot of them to be prepared. LOL! She also wanted to know why Santa didn't wrap any of the presents he brought, but the stuff from mom and dad was wrapped. I love her inquisitive little mind. The wheels never stop turning!

Christmas night Jason took Hadleigh for a ride on his snowmobile around the snow packed neighborhood. They had so much fun. She kept telling him to go faster despite the freezing rain hitting her little face. This is the first year she has been really excited about snowmobiling. She loves to sit on my sled in the garage and pretend to race. "Mommy's sled is faster than Daddy's" Watch out Daddy!

One last round on the Wii. She played boxing until her back and arms hurt. It's a blast watching her really get into it. When She knocks the other guy down, she dances around and waves her gloves at him. It's a different story while playing against Colton, however. He let her him his guy a few times, then started to fight back. She flipped out that she wasn't winning and threw her Wii remote at him. Someone please tell me the "ATTITUDE" gets better....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve Fun

My side of the family started a new tradition a few years ago. Every Christmas Eve we get together at my house to exchange gifts, eat lunch, and go sledding at Glenmoor Golf course. It's great to get everyone together before we all go our separate ways on Christmas day.

Hadleigh and Aspyn dressed up as Joseph and Mary with baby Jesus

Kids playing before we open presents

Jalon, Aspyn, Brinnley, Hadleigh, and Devon getting ready to open gifts. Bridger was with his Dad and Colton was with his mom.

My sister Brittany with her husband Nathan, and their baby bump Ethan Clark White (Due in June)

My brother Channing with his fiance Brooke. Channing took her to the Blue Boar Inn later that day and they went on a carriage ride where he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. Welcome to the family Brooke

My Grandma Annette (My mom's mom)

My Mom Lisa and my lil sis Shannalee. Shannie flipped her hair in my mom's face as she was posing for this pic, so my mom grabbed her hair and made a mustache. They are so silly!

My lil sister Breanna and her daughter Oakley

My lil sister Amberly and her boyfriend Jared

My lil sisters Cameron and Shannalee

The Sledding Expedition

We had so much fun sledding this year! It wasn't as cold and windy as last year. Everyone took turns racing down the hill together. Hadleigh and Aspyn made snow angels together. This trip was short and sweet, but we all enjoyed every minute of it.

Hadleigh was a little dare devil this year. She rode down all by herself a few times and giggled as she went faster. Last year she wasn't a big fan, and preferred to play in the snow at the bottom of the hill.


Hadleigh on Grandpa Daniel's back. I'm sure he was hurting the next day.

Brinnley on Cameron's back

Jalon, Jared, and Amberly racing to the bottom

Jared, Jason, and my dad racing too. Jason took about 3 extra steps before diving onto his sled...I think that's cheating!

Cameron and Amberly

Hadleigh and Daddy

Aspyn and Hadleigh

Yes, they were eating snow....YUCK!

Amberly and Jared

My dad and my lil sis Cameron

My lil brother Devin

Jalon, my sis Brittany's son

Brinnley, my sis Brittany's daughter

Grandma and Grandpa Livingston relaxing a little. Craig had another knee surgery 2 wks ago and is a little stir crazy. Karen rarely takes a break. It was great to get a picture of the two of them.

Every Christmas Eve night we have a gingerbread house contest at Grandma and Grandpa Livi's. The last few years our house has won. Colton was with his mom's family this year and couldn't help us. This year the award goes to the Bennett's.

Hadleigh and Daddy getting started

Funny pose!

Bennett's had blueprints this year, and their entire family helped with the construction

Cody LOVES decorating gingerbread houses! Oaklee had so much fun adding eyes and smiles to her gingerbread men.

Hadleigh was such a big helper this year. She wanted to put on all of the decorations all by herself.

Our Gingerbread House

Cody, Davi, and Oaklee's Gingerbread house. Beckham didn't help much this year.

The Bennett's Masterpiece. Nate added the finishing touches.

Beckham in his new Christmas Jammers sound asleep.
Hadleigh and Oaklee opening their Christmas jammers. They were so excited they both got pink jammers with monkeys on them.
Lori dropped Colt by the house after they finished their Christmas Eve party with her family. The kids wanted to open one more gift. Colton was thrilled to get an iHome for his ipod, and Hadleigh opened a Strawberry Shortcake Salon playset. We usually just let them open their jammers, but Colt already opened his from his mom...so we changed things up a bit this year.
Love his reaction! Apparently the iHome was something he really wanted. Much more exciting than opening a 2nd set of jammers.